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Are You Really Prepared to Handle a Dental Emergency?

January 24, 2018

Distressed man holding his cheek in painYou can’t always be prepared for everything, especially when it comes to a surprise dental emergency. Dental trauma and the pain that comes along with it is almost never planned. However, you can head these helpful tips to know what to do when a dental emergency strikes. Learn more in this week’s blog post!


 What is a Dental Emergency?

There are many patients who will turn to Google or their nearest emergency room for a dental emergency. We’re here to tell you if you’re in pain or your smile is damaged, you’re probably experiencing a dental emergency that needs to be addressed by a dentist specifically. It’s always better to reach out to a dental office right away for treatment regardless. The sooner we begin treatment, the less likely patients are to experience additional oral health issues.

Anytime that you experience excruciating dental pain, bleeding, swelling, or damaged/lost teeth, you have a dental emergency on your hands. There are some cases where a dental accident isn’t as urgent and can wait until you schedule an appointment.

Here are urgent emergencies that you should seek treatment for right away:

  • Excessive bleeding in the mouth.
  • A knocked-out tooth.
  • A broken dental restoration.
  • An excruciating toothache.

What Can You Do at Home?

Along with dental emergency information, you can also keep a handy dental accident go-to kit to help you cope with dental emergencies. Your pack should include:

  • Rubber glovesto keep your hands clean and free of bodily fluids.
  • Alcohol wipesto clean the affected and surrounding areas.
  • Cotton balls or gauze pads to apply pressure when bleeding and protect the area.
  • Hydrogen peroxide to disinfect the area.
  • Salt to dissolve into warm water and make a soothing mouthwash.
  • Flossto remove any items from being lodged between teeth.
  • Dental waxto cover broken dental restorations like missing fillings.
  • Pain reliever(acetaminophen or aspirin) to help with discomfort.
  • Topical anesthetic to help manage dental pain.

A minor dental injury such as a bit tongue or lip can be taken care of with the help of this kit. Even when something gets stuck between your teeth, with the help of salt water and floss, you should be able to wiggle it loose.

However, if you have a knocked-out tooth or something just as serious happening to your mouth, you need to reach out to your local dentist right away for helpful advice. Then, you’ll be able to notify them that you will be coming to the practice as soon as possible.

Feel free to add your local dentist’s telephone number to your contacts as well. This way, help is only a phone call away!

About Our Office

Here at Shine & Sparkle Dentistry of Plano, we know that it’s important to relieve dental pain right away. If you choose us to be your dental care provider, you can rest assured that whenever you have a dental concern—urgent accident or not—you have a team that is ready to support you and address your problem. Feel free to contact us in your time of need!