Your teeth are important, of course, but so is the gum tissue that supports them! In fact, periodontal disease is a big health concern and the leading cause of tooth loss for adults in the United States. If you’re showing signs of an infection, Dr. Shaik can perform an in-depth screening and combat the effects with focused periodontal therapy. Our goal is to banish harmful bacteria, rebuild healthy tissue, and help you smile without worry again.

Virtually every patient knows they need to be careful to avoid cavities – but what about gum disease? Also known as periodontal disease, this potentially serious health problem is one of the most common on the planet, as well as the leading cause of tooth loss among adults right here in the United States. At Shine & Sparkle Dentistry of Plano , Dr. Shaik will work hard to not only diagnose this infection as early in its development as possible but also treat and control it with effective therapy. If you’d like to visit us for a consultation, give our Plano location a call today.


Do I Have Gum Disease?

It’s important to remember that gum disease can be very subtle in its earliest stages and may not showcase any symptoms that are clear to an untrained eye. That’s why we strongly recommend that you attend regular checkups every six months so that we can catch tricky warning signs right away. However, there are some common symptoms that patients should be aware of. They include:

Oral bleeding that occurs after brushing and flossing teeth

Gum tissue that seems suspiciously red in color, tender to the touch, or noticeably swollen

Serious, lingering bad breath that isn’t alleviated by brushing, flossing, or using mouthwash

Teeth that gradually appear longer over time and/or feel looser

A change in the way your bite fits together

What Are My Options for Periodontal Treatment?

Dr. Shaik’s recommendation will typically depend on the severity of your current condition. We offer the following solutions for combating gum infection:

Scaling & Root Planing – This in-depth procedure takes your regular cleaning a big step further, targeting accumulations of plaque and tartar that have formed underneath the gum line. Dr. Shaik will also smooth the rough surfaces of your tooth roots, which are targets for harmful bacteria. Our goal is to fight back against the infection and help the patient control it at a manageable level.

Soft Tissue Laser Therapy – Instead of relying on traditional scalpels and other traditional tools, we’ve modernized our approach to treating diseased gum tissue by utilizing the high-tech Premier Aurora soft tissue laser! This laser uses a safe wavelength to precisely cut away damaged tissue, sterilize treated areas, and even encourage the growth of new gum tissue. Better yet, your recovery time is likely to be much faster.

Antibiotic Therapy – Antibiotic therapy with ARESTIN is typically recommended in combination with the above two treatment methods. The medication is applied directly to the gum line so that it can fight off harmful bacteria that may have remained after the initial treatment.

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