When it comes to maintaining teeth and gums healthy for life, patients really do need experienced support from a true professional. At Shine & Sparkle Dentistry of Plano , we’re happy to provide comprehensive checkups, refreshing cleanings, and other valuable preventive services that make a big difference in your smile’s wellbeing. Better yet, Dr. Shaik performs her own cleanings, giving you more one-on-one time with the dentist whenever you come in!

Even patients who brush and floss every day can end up falling victim to dangerous dental problems. That’s why you need the ongoing support of an experienced and dedicated professional like Dr. Shaik! Here at Shine & Sparkle Dentistry of Plano of Plano, we want to partner with you and help you strengthen your valuable smile against the threat of decay and injury. If it’s been some time since your last dentist’s appointment, don’t wait – contact us today to get an appointment scheduled in record time here in the Plano area.


Dental Checkups & Cleanings

Patients of all ages should plan to attend a comprehensive checkup and cleaning every six months on average, or twice each year. These visits are important because there are certain symptoms and warning signs that are only noticeable to a trained eye like Dr. Shaik’s, and his intervention can stop small problems from becoming big ones down the road. We’ll thoroughly examine your teeth, gum tissue, bite, any existing restorative work like crowns and fillings, and more in order to create a full picture of your current oral health. Once we have all of this information at our disposal, we can recommend treatments as needed.

Another constant threat to your smile is plaque and tartar, bacteria-filled substances that are constantly forming within the mouth. Diligent brushing can get rid of plaque well enough, but once it develops into the more stubborn tartar, only professional tools can do the job right. Many patients are surprised to learn that Dr. Shaik personally performs his own cleanings as well! Many people enjoy this personal touch, and he enjoys spending even more dedicated time with each patient during their visit.

Children’s Dentistry

Forming a positive relationship with the dentist from a young age can make all the difference in a patient’s oral health throughout the years. That’s why we work hard to make the experience comfortable and worry-free for your son or daughter! We’re always sure to personalize our care for their age, being as gentle as possible and checking out their growing teeth and gums for any signs of developmental worries. Kid-friendly services like sports guards and fluoride treatment are also available.

Nightguards for Bruxism

Bruxism (more commonly known as teeth grinding) is a common problem for adults and teenagers alike, and one that tends to happen while patients are sleeping peacefully, leaving them unaware of the grating damage they’re doing to their teeth night after night. If you’ve noticed signs of gradual wear and tear in the mouth, consider scheduling an appointment here in Plano. Shine & Sparkle Dentistry of Plano can assess your condition and prescribe a high-quality nightguard that can be worn comfortably as you rest, providing a strong barrier between teeth to prevent damage from grinding.

TMJ Therapy

Your temporomandibular joints (TMJ) may be small parts of the body, but they have a crucial purpose – connecting the jaw to the skull so that you can perform actions like eating and speaking. If they become agitated or dysfunctional, patients can end up in extreme and even debilitating pain. At Shine & Sparkle Dentistry of Plano , we can diagnose your condition and provide you with the relieving treatment you need, by adjusting your bite or providing a custom-made occlusal splint (mouthguard).

Sports guards

If you or your child is a big athlete and regularly participates in sports where physical contact is a real possibility, it’s important to protect your smile just as vigorously as you would your head and knees. Instead of grabbing a “one size fits all” sports guard off the shelf, our practice can provide you with a high-quality appliance that’s made with the patient’s unique mouth in mind. These sports guards are comfortable, sturdy, and flexible enough to allow easy breathing and clear speech during the big game.

Oral Cancer Screening

Oral cancer is a dangerous and even life-threatening condition, claiming countless lives every single year. This is because far too many instances of it go undiagnosed until they’re already advanced in nature. Dr. Shaik takes this threat to your well-being seriously, and he will always screen for oral cancer during regular checkups. If he discovers any troubling signs that may indicate cancerous cells, he can assist you in taking the next steps towards a proper biopsy, a full diagnosis, and recovery.

Fluoride Treatment

Fluoride is a valuable mineral that’s regularly added to community water supplies here in the United States. Why? Because countless studies have shown that patients who grow up with regular exposure to fluoride in the foods and beverages they consume tend to have stronger, less cavity-prone teeth as a result! At our practice, we offer professional fluoride applications to adults and children alike who we believe could benefit from an added boost of strength.

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